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How to Buy 


RegistrationAt first, please register our membership.
We will send you demo login ID and password for auction site.
This ID and password are valid for 2 weeks.
So you can search up what kinds of cars are coming up for auctions.
If you are looking for any particular model, we can also send you car information.


Deposit When you decide to start bidding on cars from the auction, we ask you to place the deposit. The deposit is JPY 100,000- per car.
If car price would be over JPY 1,000,000-, the deposit is JPY 200,000.
This deposit is refundable anytime before the bidding is succeeded.
*Bank charges on both side will be deducted.

Start Looking for Cars

Search CarsOnce we confirm the deposit, we can start bidding.
We will send you all available car information.
Car information will be updated 2 days before the auction day.
When you decide to bid on cars, please tell us your maximum bidding price.
With your request, we will send you the estimate winning price.


BiddingOn the auction day, we will re-inspect the car before the auction and send you the inspection report. In this case you do not need to worry about any unknown problems.
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Congrats! You Win

If the bidding is succeeded, we will send you the invoice.
You can use the deposit for winning vehicle or leave it for next bidding.
In meanwhile, we will arrange the shipment.

Oh! You Lose

If the bidding is not succeeded, you can get the deposit refund or use it for next bidding.
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Final Payment



Another Try

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If you have any query, please feel free to Contact Us.
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