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Frequently Asked Questions 
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1. How often are auto auctions held?

Everyday except Sunday.

2. If I bid up to JPY 400,000- at maximum, will JPY 400,000- be the amount I have to pay?

When the auction starts, the price goes up with posing by each buyer and highest bidder will win the vehicle. When we are the highest bidder at JPY 300,000-, we will get the car at JPY 300,000- and this is the amount you need to pay.

3. I want to talk while bidding because I can think if I should bid more.

It takes only 10 seconds for each car. So we need to set the maximum bidding price with you before the auction time. 

4. Why is it "not sold" even if I placed the higher price?

Many sellers put the reserve prices on their selling cars. The reserve price is not disclosed publicly. And if the bidders do not bid higher than this, the car will not be sold and carried over to the next week.
If there is no bidder beside us, the price will not go up.
Therefore sometimes it happens that "the car is not sold" under your budget.

5. Can I offer the price to the seller?

We are not able to contact the seller directly.
At some auction halls, if the car is not sold, we can try to negotiate with the seller through auction halls. But in this case the negotiation price starts more than "not sold" price of course.

6. Can you test-drive the car before the auction?

No, we can check the car condition but test-driving is not allowed.

7. I do not know how much to bid.

With your request, we will check up the market price of your targeting cars and advise you the suggested bidding price. So if you think it is reasonable, please take it as your concern.

8. Can I cancel the order?

Yes you can cancel the bidding if the auction is not started yet. If we win your vehicle, cancelation is not accepted.

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1. Can I buy a car as a private buyer?

Yes, but we like to start building up very good business relationship with you and hopefully become a major import dealer.

2.Which countries do you export used cars?

We export used cars to countries where it is legal to import used vehicles from Japan.

3.Do you give any warranty for the car?

No, we do not have warranty because this is auction.
However we inspect all the car condition and tell you everything, so you do not need to worry about any unknown problem.

4.Do you have any system to check up car condition?

Yes we re-inspect car condition before the auction.

5.What is CIF and FOB?

CIF means "Cost, Insurance, and Freight". It is all the cost included until landed to the destination Port. FOB price includes Car Price, Successful Bidding Fee, Domestic Transportation Fee, Shipping Charge, Customs Clearance and Service Fee.
FOB means "Free on Board". It does not include marine insurance and shipping cost.

calculation example link

6.I want to know the importing regulation in my country.

We have a page about the importing regulation in some countries or contact us for more information. All the resources are based on the government site and we are not responsible for these information.
Please make sure the importing regulations in your country before you decide to purchase the cars.

7.I want to have a reference from one of your customer in my country.

We understand that a reference will be a big source of trust for the buyer.
However because of Japanese laws, we are not allowed to give you other customers’ information.
If there is any concern, please Contact Us for more information.

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1. How to make the payment?

We accept only Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) and Western Union. We do not take any credit cards, cheque, or other method.
All of bank charges (sending charge on your side and incoming charge on our side) are borne by the buyers.

2. Do you deal with foreign currencies?

Yes, available currency is USD (US Dollar), JPY (Japanese Yen), CAD (Canadian Dollar), EURO and GBP (Great Britain Pound).

3. How can I see the prices in my currency?

You can calculate your currency exchange from

4. Do you accept L/C?

We do not accept L/C at this moment.

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Search Cars
1. How do I search up cars?

Please see The instruction page.
If you already have a particular model in your mind, please let us know.
We will keep sending you car information.

2. Can I find a Left Hand Drive Japanese Car?

All Japanese Cars are Right Hand Drive. A lot of German Cars and American cars are Left Hand Drive in Japan.

3. Can you change steering wheels from right to left or find parts for this conversion?

We are not able to change steering wheels right now. We are still working on it at this moment.

4. Can I import used cars from Japan into my country?

You need to check the import regulation before purchase. Import regulations vary from country to country.

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1. How fast can you ship my car?

We will arrange the next available shipment as soon as we confirm the full payment.

2. Can I insure my car during shipment?

Yes CIF term includes marine insurance on your car.

3. How long will it take to ship my car to my country?

Once the cars leave Japan, the delivery time is about two to six weeks depending on the port of destination.
It may be difficult to book the space depending on the season and the countries.
However we will do our best to ship your cars as soon as possible with our experienced shipping agent.

4. How can I get the shipping date information?

As soon as we book the shipment, we will let you know the departure date and the arrival date and keep you updated on the shipping schedule.

5. When will I receive my shipping documents?

Once the vessel leaves from the port in Japan, the shipping company will issue the Bill of Lading.
Then we will send you all of the necessary documents as following by air courier with tracking number.

a. B/L (Bill of Lading)
b. Export Certificate
c. Invoice
d. Marine Insurance on your request
e. Pre-shipment Inspection certificate if necessary

6. How do I receive a vehicle at the port?

When the cars are about to arrive at your location, the shipping company will contact you directly by phone or fax about the arrival date. Please bring all necessary documents (from us) to custom before you pick up the cars.

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